Health, Safety, Security, And Environment 


As a firm committed to excellence, we take nothing for granted, especially safety, security and health in our workplace environments. We believe HSSE helps drive profitability and productivity for our clients and ourselves. 

Our HSSE culture is proactive, integrated and strong, based on a mission of continuous improvement and employee involvement. We constantly review safety and health processes and performance in all areas of our business and are fluent in regulatory frameworks around the world.

Our  Health, Safety, Security & Environment Model is one of shared responsibility and seamless collaboration. Our leadership is accountable and informed. Our systems are streamlined and relevant. Our culture is fair and strong. And our objectives are clear.

 HSSE Global Objectives

  • Zero Incidents or Harm
  • Zero Damage to Our Brand and Our Reputation
  • Maximizing Our Productivity

We at Protoil Tank Farm believe that sustainability is about preserving our environment, respecting our employees and communities, and returning value to our shareholders. Sustainability is not a cost of doing business; it is a way of doing business. We have been committed since our inception to operating responsibly.

We recognize that our success is tied to protecting the environment, safeguarding and developing our workforce, strengthening stakeholder relationships, enhancing the port communities that we visit and maintaining our fiscal strength. We also recognize that, in today’s business climate, the viability of our business, as well as our reputation, depends on being more sustainable and transparent.

We know that the journey ahead will contain many challenges and opportunities for stronger stewardship, and recognize that our future success and delivery on our sustainability plans and goals are inextricably linked. 

Protoil Tank Farm is committed to the safety and security of our employees and all others working on behalf of our company. We promptly report and investigate all security incidents and take appropriate action to prevent recurrences. We report all allegations of crimes to law enforcement, regardless of the validity of the claim.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Health and Safety

The well-being of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities is our highest priority.

Environmental Stewardship

Minimizing our environmental impact is a serious priority. Not only is it good business, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Climate-Related Scenarios Planning

Our corporate value of environmental stewardship means we scrutinize everything we do to assess the impact on our immediate surroundings and the world at large while storing and delivering the fuels that make modern life possible. This approach is evident in our annual publication Perspectives on Climate-Related Scenarios, which follows the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The report highlights how we’ve invested time and money to reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions, to make our operations more energy efficient, and to adapt our business strategy to be more resilient.

Ultimately, we’re all in this together

Petroleum / Hazardous Liquids Storage Tanks Services

Typical applications include petroleum storage tanks, fuel storage, crude storage, asphalt storage tanks, renewable fuel storage, blending tanks, and storage terminals.


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